Curing Kids Cancer

Be Someone's Hero - Fight Kid's Cancer!

Growing up is hard enough as it is. Kids don't need cancer to make things any more difficult! Give children the opportunity to live their life without having to worry about things like chemo, and wondering if they'll make it to their tenth birthday.

You can make a difference! If we work together, we can find a cure for kid's cancer. Because no one deserves cancer. Not the kids, and not their families. Please help us reach our goal! Even if it's a small amount, it's one step closer towards beating cancer once and for all. And isn't that worth it?

Help us fight the good fight! Let's eliminate cancer! Because kids deserve the chance to just be kids.

Our Supporters

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    Crysten Watters

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    Adam Dorfman

    RC - proud to be your friend. Keep grinding so we can do more.
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    Mike Howell

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    William Amburgey

    If everyone that sees this would give just $5.00 we could go a long way towards finding a cure and eliminating Cancer forever. Please share on your Facebook page.
  • 5

    Jeff Pollock

    Great work, Ryan!
  • 6

    Kristina Fitzpatrick

    Happy to help this cause in any way that we can!
  • 7

    Andy Lundsberg

    Great cause- happy to help
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    Jason Kim

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    Clay Whitchurch

    For David.
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    Steven Jacobs

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    Zachary Vietri

  • 12

    Rick Ferguson

    Thank you for working on this cause
  • 13

    Susan Cone

    Praying that cancer will be eliminated.
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    Thor Conklin

  • 15

    Joshua Wolfort